Innovative sustainable

conceptions and solutions

for recycling


and environment

to recover rawmaterials,


values, energy

and sources

New: CO2 Decarbonisation Technology available,

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Daicos AG provides consulting and know-how for environmental applications.

New developments, future visions, recycling conceptions, recycling plants and sustainable solutions to recover value, energy and sources.

Strategic cooperations with companies and market leaders enables us to provide also conceptions and projecs for data-, energy-, and process- management .

Conception & Planning
Conception & Design

Development · Assistance · Inventions · Consulting-Services


Daicos AG supports the customer for he's projects during evaluation, conception, planning, procurement, construction, set up and start up, training and maintenance. 

Conception & Construction

Development · Assistance · Inventions · Consulting  Services





•Paper / Cardboard / Plastics

•MSW, Municipal Solid Waste

•Mixed Waste Scrap (Scrapshredders)



•Post Shredder Light Fraction ASR/SLF

•Slag and Ash Treatment


•Decarbonisation of CO2

•Data- Process- and Energymanagement


Development · Assistance · Inventions · Consulting-Services



•Gasifier Systems


•Mills and Grinders

•Screens (activ and passiv screening)

•Airsorters, Sortingtables, Sortingdrums

•Optical sorters

•X-Ray sorters

•High gradient magnetic systems

•Eddy current sorting systems

•Other suitable technologies,
 depending on the project demands.


Development · Assistance · Inventions · Consulting-Services


Our partner-network opens new dimensions and enables a flexible alliance of project-teams with experienced specialists in all possible applications of sorting, transport, screening, densification, shredding, incineration, gasification, electrification, process- and datamanagement.


Development · Assistance · Inventions · Consulting-Services


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