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ACCORDING PATENT („Vorrichtung zur thermischen und katalytischen Behandlung von kohlenstoffhaltigem Material“ https://register.dpma.de/DPMAregister/pat/register?AKZ=1020180033644) FROM F.J.PHILIPP

DAICOS is designing in cooperation with Mr. F.J. Philipp (Carbon Innovations), FIDAGRE and IBAR the technical conception for the industrial utilisation of this new technology.

In the container system, the flue gas will be ionized to mobilize the CO2 molecules. Then it is passed through the catalyst where the polymer chain is blasted and triggering a C enrichment and crystallization in the catalyst material.

The carbon from the CO2 is now "bound" in the structural material, as well as are other pollutants in flue gas.

Thus, the catalyst material increases to an enormous energy content and the CO2 content in the exhaust air is reduced to virtually zero.

Module Plantdesign, scalable in capacity