Applications and products

Dokex Extruder systems

The double-chamber-extruder DOKEX can be implemented universel and processes various raw-, scrap- and waste materials. The DOKEX enables to transform the rawmaterials into another structure and shape. By mechanical friction and pressure, the materials get homogenized and stabilized. This allows a number of totally new applications for the ongoing processing as intermediate or final product.

DOKEX-system, as well as a number of industrial processes, are worldwide patented.
We project and realise individual and standard solutions for you.
DOKEX Type 2-222: Motor up to 75 kW, capacity up to 600 kg/hr

DOKEX Type 2-300: Motor up to 150 kW, capacity up to 1500 kg/hr

DOKEX Type 2-500: Motor up to 250 kW, capacity up to 3 to/hr

DOKEX Type 600: Motor up to 400 kW, capacity up to 4 to/hr