...all about recycling

Our main field of activities is environment.

Since all the times, human being has developed tools and equipment to improve and simplify their daily activities, starting from a stone. One of the first material ever to be reused was metal, not knowing at that time it would be called recycling in the 20th century.

During the industrialization starting from 1850c, humans have created many new materials and processes, which had a big influence to the life quality. In the last 50 years man have started to comprehend, that this developments has also a big influence on the environment. Today everybody realises, that we have to take care on our sources and environment.

Hans Rudolf Gutknecht has established the company DAICOS AG after working already 20 years in many fields of applications in this growing market of recycling projects. It is a must, to combine the latest technologies of different producers into one project.

Due the activities of DAICOS AG a big network of contacts with many different suppliers and producers was established in order to finalize different solutions for different applications. A lot of know-how is accomplished and available for your project.