Housewaste treatment


Housewaste sorting means:
Possible sorting before collection
- Metals
- Electronics
- Burnable materials such as paper, waste plastics
- Glass
- Furnitures
- Construction waste
- Batteries
- Toxic waste

This system requires an organised logistic for the collection and recycling of these fractions. Otherwise a lot of sorting equipment (higher investment) will be needed in a housewaste treatment and utilisation plant. Depending on the existing infrastructures and on the prices of the local recycling market, the investment in a multipurpose sorting plant might be the more interesting solution.

Waste treatment
The degree of sorting is depending of the technology which is used in the process or the manual efforts of the sorting-staff which will take care.

Classic products from a housewaste sorting plant:


Engineered solid fuel for
- Inceneration
- Gasification

On the same conception of the plant, also engineered fuel is produced. Engineered fuel means: In size, density, moisturecontent and heating value homogenised and adjusted to the maximum sufficiency of any following inceneration or gasifying system.