...all about recycling

Business objectives
We have the target to provide innovative recycling solutions for our customers - worldwide. We design new conceptions with modern technologies in an efficient way together with our customers and partners.

Our strategy for success is:
Professionality, flexibility, innovation, reliability, know-how, efficiency.

The customers of Daicos AG are faced to continously increasing requirements of regulations by law and market needs. Our services and products enables them, in their particular application, to keep and develop their competitiv capability. Fairness, respect and trust is a garanty for long-term, well ballanced and successfull business relation with our customers.

Daicos AG relies on solid partnerships along the entire realisation of projects. Technology and development partners, as well as sales and construction partners, support the Daicos AG with their input, leading to continual enhancement of these partnerships. Thanks to close cooperation and an open, empowering information
policy, all parties involved can benefit equally: customers, partners, and Daicos AG.